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# mozilla-mobile Shared Documentation
This repository is intended to host documentation that doesn't fit into a single mozilla-mobile repository. You can quickly access this page at the following URL:
The mozilla-mobile repository is primarily managed by two teams at Mozilla:
- Firefox for iOS team
- Android Product Team (APT)
Check out our blog on Medium:
## Products
Looking to see what we're up to or contribute? Check out one of our products:
### iOS
### Android
*Want to know how to contribute on Android? Check out our
[CONTRIBUTING](android/ documentation! We encourage non-code
contributions, like QA, localization, and design, too!*
*For an overview of our docs, see [`android/`](android/).*
- [Firefox for Android](
### Outside of mozilla-mobile
Want to see other mobile projects Mozilla works on? A few others are:
- [Firefox Reality (for VR)](
## Improving this documentation
Didn't understand our documentation? Please file an issue or open a pull request:
we encourage all contributions! If you're looking to write docs for open issues,
look at the [`help wanted` issues][help].
A great tool to edit this documentation is [Visual Studio Code][code], which has a
built-in [markdown preview][md preview].