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# Contributing
Thank you for considering and taking the time to contribute!
The following are guidelines for contributing to this project.
## Code of Conduct
This repository is governed by Mozilla's code of conduct and etiquette guidelines. For more details please see the [Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines]( and [Developer Etiquette Guidelines](
## How to Get Started
Please refer to installation and build instructions in the [documentation](
## LeakCanary
We use [LeakCanary]( to monitor memory leaks in Debug builds of the Lockwise Android application. Please read the documentation and pay attention to warnings while debugging the application!
## How to Report Bugs
Please open [a new issue in the GitHub repository]( with steps to reproduce the problem you're experiencing.
Be sure to include as much information including screenshots, text output, and both your expected and actual results.
If you believe that you've found a security vulnerability, please report it by sending email to the addresses: and
## How to Request Enhancements
First, please refer to the applicable [GitHub repository]( and search [the repository's GitHub issues]( to make sure your idea has not been (or is not still) considered.
Then, please [create a new issue in the GitHub repository]( describing your enhancement.
Be sure to include as much detail as possible including step-by-step descriptions, specific examples, screenshots or mockups, and reasoning for why the enhancement might be worthwhile.
Please keep in mind, by opening an issue we provide no guarantee the enhancement will be implemented.
## How to Contribute Code
Before you get started writing code, be sure what you plan to work on is something we'll be able to accept. The easiest way is to look through out list of [good first issues][good-first-issues] and find something that sounds interesting.
If there's something else you'd like to work on, just add a comment in the relevant issue and we'll be happy to discuss your plans. If you have an idea that doesn't have an issue at all, be sure to [file an issue](#how-to-request-enhancements) first.
Once you have a patch ready:
- Make sure all tests are passing and try to add tests for the code you've written.
- Submit a pull request! From there, we'll guide you through the review process to the eventual landing of your code. We aim to respond to all review requests within two business days.