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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import copy
from taskgraph.util.dependencies import group_by
from ..build_config import EXTENSIONS
def _extensions(type, secondary_extensions):
primary_extensions = EXTENSIONS[type]
return [package_ext + secondary_ext for package_ext in primary_extensions for secondary_ext in secondary_extensions]
def _artifact_filename(name, version, extension):
return f"{name}-{version}{extension}"
def publications_to_artifact_paths(version, publications, secondary_extensions=("",)):
paths = []
for publication in publications:
for extension in _extensions(publication["type"], secondary_extensions):
artifact_filename = _artifact_filename(publication['name'], version, extension)
return paths
def publications_to_artifact_map_paths(version, publications, preview_build, secondary_extensions):
build_map_paths = {}
for publication in publications:
for extension in _extensions(publication["type"], secondary_extensions):
publication_name = publication['name']
artifact_filename = _artifact_filename(publication_name, version, extension)
if preview_build is not None:
# Both nightly and other preview builds are places in separate directory
destination = "maven2/org/mozilla/appservices/nightly/{}/{}/{}".format(publication_name, version, artifact_filename)
destination = "maven2/org/mozilla/appservices/{}/{}/{}".format(publication_name, version, artifact_filename)
build_map_paths[f"public/build/{artifact_filename}"] = {
"checksums_path": "", # XXX beetmover marks this as required, but it's not needed
"destinations": [destination]
return build_map_paths
def component_grouping(config, tasks):
"""Custom group-by function for `from_deps` transforms"""
groups = {}
for task in tasks:
if task.kind not in config.config.get("kind-dependencies", []):
buildconfig = task.attributes["buildconfig"]
component = buildconfig["name"]
if component == "all":
groups.setdefault(component, []).append(task)
tasks_for_all_components = [
task for task in tasks
if task.attributes.get("buildconfig", {}).get("name", "") == "all"
for _, tasks in groups.items():
return groups.values()