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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
from importlib import import_module
from voluptuous import Optional
import os
import re
from taskgraph.parameters import extend_parameters_schema
from mozilla_taskgraph import register as mozilla_taskgraph_register
from mozilla_taskgraph.actions import enable_action
from . import branch_builds
from .build_config import get_version_from_version_txt
PREVIEW_RE = re.compile(r'\[preview ([\w-]+)\]')
def is_relpro_available(params):
return params["head_repository"] in RELEASE_PROMOTION_PROJECTS
def register(graph_config):
# Import modules to register decorated functions
Optional('branch-build'): {
Optional('firefox-android'): {
Optional('owner'): str,
Optional('branch'): str,
Optional('firefox-ios'): {
Optional('owner'): str,
Optional('branch'): str,
# Publish a "preview build" for a future version. This is set to
# "nightly" for the nightly builds. Other strings indicate making a
# preview build for a particular application-services branch.
'preview-build': Optional(str),
# Release type. Set to `release` or `nightly` when we're building release artifacts.
'release-type': Optional(str),
# Register mozilla-taskgraph extensions
# Enable mozilla-taskgraph actions
enable_action("release-promotion", available=is_relpro_available)
def _import_modules(modules):
for module in modules:
import_module(f".{module}", package=__name__)
def get_decision_parameters(graph_config, parameters):
if parameters["tasks_for"] == "github-pull-request":
pr_title = os.environ.get("APPSERVICES_PULL_REQUEST_TITLE", "")
preview_match =
if preview_match is not None:
if == 'nightly':
parameters["preview-build"] = "nightly"
parameters["target_tasks_method"] = "full"
elif == 'release':
parameters["target_tasks_method"] = "full"
parameters["release-type"] = "release"
raise NotImplemented("Only nightly preview builds are currently supported")
elif "[ci full]" in pr_title:
parameters["target_tasks_method"] = "pr-full"
elif "[ci skip]" in pr_title:
parameters["target_tasks_method"] = "pr-skip"
parameters["target_tasks_method"] = "pr-normal"
elif parameters["tasks_for"] == "github-push":
if parameters["head_tag"].startswith("release-"):
parameters["target_tasks_method"] = "release"
parameters["release-type"] = "release"
elif parameters["tasks_for"] == "cron":
# We don't have a great way of determining if something is a nightly or
# not. But for now, we can assume all cron-based builds are nightlies.
parameters["preview-build"] = "nightly"
parameters["release-type"] = "nightly"
parameters['branch-build'] = branch_builds.calc_branch_build_param(parameters)