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## Places! Yeah, Places...
### Before using this component
Products sending telemetry and using this component *must request* a data-review following
This component provides data collection using the [Glean SDK](
The list of metrics being collected is available in the [metrics documentation](../../docs/metrics/places/
### Introduction
The general idea is to be like a rusty desktop Places.
So, instead of:
let visits = [{date: ..., transitition: ...}];
let place = {url: "http...", title: ..., visits};
It's more:
let visits = vec![Visit { date, transition: ...} ];
let place = Place { url, title: ..., visits };
places::api::history::insert(db, place);
The short-term goal is to demonstrate a "port" of:
1. ```PlacesUtils.history.insert(...);```
2. ```UnifiedComplete.something("")``` -> auto-complete result.
However, it's very incomplete - schema is a poor copy/paste of desktop, no temp tables, no triggers, no...
# Notes about desktop's implementation of the above:
* seems to prefer a guid over a url - however, this appears completely unused
except by code supporting sync - the logical API for real consumers is via
a URL, so we largely ignore GUIDs for now.
specifically, the following "scratchpad" code:
let referrer = null;
let transition = PlacesUtils.history.TRANSITION_LINK;
let date = new Date();
let pageInfo = {
title: "Title",
visits: [
{transition, referrer, date },
let result = await PlacesUtils.history.insert(pageInfo);
Ends up in ```History::UpdatePlaces()``` with the following ```visitData```:
visitData =
placeId 0 __int64
guid ""
visitId 0 __int64
spec "{url}
revHost {value}
hidden false bool
shouldUpdateHidden true bool
typed false bool
transitionType 1 unsigned int
visitTime 1537270492849000 __int64
frecency -1 int
lastVisitId 0 __int64
lastVisitTime 0 __int64
visitCount 0 unsigned int
title {title} nsTString<char16_t>
referrerSpec ""
referrerVisitId 0 __int64
titleChanged false bool
shouldUpdateFrecency true bool
useFrecencyRedirectBonus false bool
ends up calling ```FetchPageInfo()``` - takes ```visitdata``` and updates it - desktop updates ```visitData``` in-place - rust probably wants different structs for each operation
then: updates .typed, .hidden, hacks to avoid "maybe unhide"?
then: ```DoDatabaseInserts()```:
if not new: updatePlace() else: insertPlace()
if autocomplete: UpdateFrecency()