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package_name = "org.mozilla.experiments.nimbus.internal"
cdylib = "megazord"
# Name of the type in the Kotlin code
type_name = "JSONObject"
# Classes that need to be imported
imports = [ "org.json.JSONObject" ]
# Functions to convert between strings and URLs
into_custom = "JSONObject({})"
from_custom = "{}.toString()"
# Map from [External={crate-name}] into Kotlin package names
remote_settings = "mozilla.appservices.remotesettings"
ffi_module_name = "MozillaRustComponents"
ffi_module_filename = "nimbusFFI"
generate_module_map = false
# This can be commented out, and the `--library` argument of `bindgen-uniffi` should be used instead.
# We won't comment this out until cirrus— which a) does not use `--library` b) is not in this repo— uses the pre-built
# binaries built by ``. Until then, it comments out the line programmatically.
cdylib_name = "cirrus"