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# Experiments CLI
In this directory we have a command line interface that helps us interact with the Nimbus SDK.
## How to use
In order to use the CLI, you would run it as an example:
cargo run --example experiment -- -c ./examples/config/config.json show-experiments
This would display all the valid experiments retrieved from the server
You can check out the details by running
cargo run --example experiment -- -h
You can set a config file using the `-c` option, which can include the following:
"context": {..},// App context elements
"server_url": "...", // A remote settings url
"bucket_name": "..." // Name of the bucket in the remote server (Defaults to `main`)
"collection_name": "...", // Name of a collection in the remote server (Defaults to `messaging-experiment`)
"uuid": ".." // A custom uuid to use
If you would like to generate a UUID for testing purposes, you can use the `gen-uuid` subcommand. This takes a number argument, and will attempt to generate a `uuid` that is able to enroll that the given number of experiments.
Note on the `gen-uuid` subcommand, the higher the number the longer it will take. It also depends on the bucket configuration of the buckets retrieved from the server.