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# Glean SDK
![Glean logo](docs/user/glean.jpeg)
## Documentation
All documentation is available online:
## [The Glean SDK Book][book]
## Overview
Refer to the documentation for [using][book] and [developing][devbook] the Glean SDK.
For an overview of Glean beyond just the SDK, see the [section in the Firefox data docs](
The code in this repository is organized as follows:
* [./glean-core/](glean-core) contains the source for the low-level Rust library.
* [./glean-core/rlb](glean-core/rlb) contains the high-level Rust library.
* [./glean-core/android](glean-core/android) contains the Kotlin bindings for use by Android applications.
* [./glean-core/ios](glean-core/ios) contains the Swift bindings for use by iOS applications.
* [./glean-core/python](glean-core/python) contains Python bindings.
**Note: The Glean SDK requires at least [Rust 1.66.0]( Older versions are untested.**
## Contact
To contact us you can:
* Find us in the [#glean channel on](
* To report issues or request changes, file a bug in [Bugzilla in Data Platform & Tools :: Glean: SDK][newbugzilla].
* Send an email to **.
* The Glean Core team is: *:dexter*, *:janerik*, *:travis_*, *:chutten*, *:brizental*.
## Credits
It's licensed under MPL.
### Alumni contributors
* Georg Fritzsche
* Michael Droettboom
See the full list of contributors for:
## License
This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at