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included: # paths to include during linting. `--path` is ignored if present.
- megazords
- components/places/ios
- components/support/ios
- components/logins/ios
- components/fxa-client/ios
- components/nimbus/ios
# We no longer use carthage. However, some developers might still
# have the Carthage directory in their local environment. It will
# create linting noise if we don't exclude it.
- Carthage
- "**/*/ios/Generated"
- "megazords/ios/MozillaAppServicesTests"
- "megazords/ios-rust/MozillaTestServices/MozillaTestServicesTests"
- "megazords/ios-rust/MozillaTestServices/MozillaTestServices/Generated"
- file_length
# We're pretty careful about this already, but it's a pain to disable
# and reenable in the cases where we're sure.
- force_try
# `switch`es, like the ones we have in error conversion, get hit by
# this hard, and it's a dodgy metric to begin with.
- cyclomatic_complexity
# We'll get to these when we get to them!
- todo
# It disagrees with swiftformat on this, and thinks trailing commas are bad...
- trailing_comma
# It disagrees with swiftformat on this, and wants the opening braces to be on the same line in multiline declarations
- opening_brace
# Turn off it complaining about `id` or `let t = title`, etc, but keep
# warnings around e.g. enum names.
warning: 0
error: 0