Name Description Size
components.conf 993 31802
GenericFactory.cpp 568
GenericFactory.h A generic factory which uses a constructor function to create instances. This class is intended for use by the component manager and the generic module. 1080
ManifestParser.cpp from private window 20241
ManifestParser.h 877
Module.h A module implements one or more XPCOM components. This structure is used for both binary and script modules, but the registration members (cids/contractids/categoryentries) are unused for modules which are loaded via a module loader. 5396
ModuleUtils.h 4266 1931
nsCategoryCache.cpp 4721
nsCategoryCache.h This is a helper class that caches services that are registered in a certain category. The intended usage is that a service stores a variable of type nsCategoryCache<nsIFoo> in a member variable, where nsIFoo is the interface that these services should implement. The constructor of this class should then get the name of the category. 3371
nsCategoryManager.cpp CategoryDatabase contains 0 or more 1-1 mappings of string to Category each Category contains 0 or more 1-1 mappings of string keys to string values In other words, the CategoryDatabase is a tree, whose root is a hashtable. Internal nodes (or Categories) are hashtables. Leaf nodes are strings. The leaf strings are allocated in an arena, because we assume they're not going to change much ;) 19225
nsCategoryManager.h 16d222a6-1dd2-11b2-b693-f38b02c021b2 4420
nsCategoryManagerUtils.h 626
nsComponentManager.cpp A wrapper simple wrapper class, which can hold either a dynamic nsFactoryEntry instance, or a static StaticModule entry, and transparently forwards method calls to the wrapped object. This allows the same code to work with either static or dynamic modules without caring about the difference. 62452
nsComponentManager.h 91775d60-d5dc-11d2-92fb-00e09805570f 8619
nsComponentManagerUtils.cpp 7628
nsComponentManagerUtils.h do_GetClassObject can be used to improve performance of callers that call |CreateInstance| many times. They can cache the factory and call do_CreateInstance or CallCreateInstance with the cached factory rather than having the component manager retrieve it every time. 5913
nsICategoryManager.idl nsICategoryManager 4453
nsIClassInfo.idl Provides information about a specific implementation class. If you want your class to implement nsIClassInfo, see nsIClassInfoImpl.h for instructions--you most likely do not want to inherit from nsIClassInfo. 2620
nsIComponentManager.idl The nsIComponentManager interface. 3360
nsIComponentRegistrar.idl The nsIComponentRegistrar interface. 4607
nsIFactory.idl A class factory allows the creation of nsISupports derived components without specifying a concrete base class. 1032
nsIModule.idl The nsIModule interface. 2894
nsIServiceManager.idl The nsIServiceManager manager interface provides a means to obtain global services in an application. The service manager depends on the repository to find and instantiate factories to obtain services. Users of the service manager must first obtain a pointer to the global service manager by calling NS_GetServiceManager. After that, they can request specific services by calling GetService. When they are finished they can NS_RELEASE() the service as usual. A user of a service may keep references to particular services indefinitely and only must call Release when it shuts down. 2565
nsServiceManagerUtils.h 2045 9153
StaticComponents.h Represents a string entry in the static string table. Can be converted to a nsCString using GetString() in StaticComponents.cpp. This is a struct rather than a pure offset primarily for the purposes of type safety, but also so that it can easily be extended to include a static length in the future, if efficiency concerns warrant it. 7298
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