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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsIWebProgressListener.idl"
* An extended version of nsIWebProgressListener.
[scriptable, uuid(dde39de0-e4e0-11da-8ad9-0800200c9a66)]
interface nsIWebProgressListener2 : nsIWebProgressListener {
* Notification that the progress has changed for one of the requests
* associated with aWebProgress. Progress totals are reset to zero when all
* requests in aWebProgress complete (corresponding to onStateChange being
* called with aStateFlags including the STATE_STOP and STATE_IS_WINDOW
* flags).
* This function is identical to nsIWebProgressListener::onProgressChange,
* except that this function supports 64-bit values.
* @param aWebProgress
* The nsIWebProgress instance that fired the notification.
* @param aRequest
* The nsIRequest that has new progress.
* @param aCurSelfProgress
* The current progress for aRequest.
* @param aMaxSelfProgress
* The maximum progress for aRequest.
* @param aCurTotalProgress
* The current progress for all requests associated with aWebProgress.
* @param aMaxTotalProgress
* The total progress for all requests associated with aWebProgress.
* NOTE: If any progress value is unknown, then its value is replaced with -1.
* @see nsIWebProgressListener2::onProgressChange64
void onProgressChange64(in nsIWebProgress aWebProgress,
in nsIRequest aRequest,
in long long aCurSelfProgress,
in long long aMaxSelfProgress,
in long long aCurTotalProgress,
in long long aMaxTotalProgress);
* Notification that a refresh or redirect has been requested in aWebProgress
* For example, via a <meta http-equiv="refresh"> or an HTTP Refresh: header
* @param aWebProgress
* The nsIWebProgress instance that fired the notification.
* @param aRefreshURI
* The new URI that aWebProgress has requested redirecting to.
* @param aMillis
* The delay (in milliseconds) before refresh.
* @param aSameURI
* True if aWebProgress is requesting a refresh of the
* current URI.
* False if aWebProgress is requesting a redirection to
* a different URI.
* @return True if the refresh may proceed.
* False if the refresh should be aborted.
boolean onRefreshAttempted(in nsIWebProgress aWebProgress,
in nsIURI aRefreshURI,
in long aMillis,
in boolean aSameURI);