Name Description Size
head.js import-globals-from ../shared-head.js 8150
test_active_configuration.js 3142
test_addProfilerMarker.js Test that ChromeUtils.addProfilerMarker is working correctly. 7006
test_asm.js 1869
test_assertion_helper.js 4202
test_enterjit_osr.js 1791
test_enterjit_osr_disabling.js 470
test_enterjit_osr_enabling.js 471
test_feature_cpufreq.js Test that the CPU Speed markers exist if and only if the cpufreq feature is enabled. 2791
test_feature_fileioall.js @typedef {Object} TestConfig @prop {Array} features The list of profiler features @prop {string[]} threadsFilter The list of threads to profile @prop {string} filename A filename to trigger a write operation 4794
test_feature_java.js Test that Java capturing works as expected. 1001
test_feature_js.js Test that JS capturing works as expected. 1855
test_feature_mainthreadio.js Test that the IOInterposer is working correctly to capture main thread IO. This test should not run on release or beta, as the IOInterposer is wrapped in an ifdef. 3699
test_feature_nativeallocations.js Extract the allocation payloads, and find the unmatched allocations. 4464
test_feature_stackwalking.js Do a basic test to see if native frames are being collected for stackwalking. This test is fairly naive, as it does not attempt to check that these are valid symbols, only that some kind of stack walking is happening. It does this by making sure at least two native frames are collected. 1682
test_get_features.js 327
test_merged_stacks.js Test that we correctly merge the three stack types, JS, native, and frame labels. 2315
test_pause.js 4329
test_responsiveness.js Test that we can measure non-zero event delays 1225
test_run.js 1377
test_shared_library.js 846
test_start.js 621
xpcshell.ini 1917