Name Description Size
ChildProfilerController.cpp static 6854
components.conf 622
nsIProfiler.idl Start-up parameters for subprocesses are passed through nsIObserverService, which, unfortunately, means we need to implement nsISupports in order to go through it. 8391
nsProfiler.cpp 53322
nsProfiler.h 4067
nsProfilerCIID.h 628
nsProfilerStartParams.cpp 1783
nsProfilerStartParams.h 1234
PProfiler.ipdl 1812
ProfilerChild.cpp static 21952
ProfilerIOInterposeObserver.cpp static 8582
ProfilerIOInterposeObserver.h This class is the observer that calls into the profiler whenever main thread I/O occurs. 903
ProfilerParent.cpp static 35229
ProfilerTypes.ipdlh 1190