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import mozunit
LINTER = "file-whitespace"
fixed = 0
def test_lint_file_whitespace(lint, paths):
results = lint(paths())
assert len(results) == 5
assert "File does not end with newline character" in results[1].message
assert results[1].level == "error"
assert "bad-newline.c" in results[1].relpath
assert "Empty Lines at end of file" in results[0].message
assert results[0].level == "error"
assert "bad-newline.c" in results[0].relpath
assert "Windows line return" in results[2].message
assert results[2].level == "error"
assert "bad-windows.c" in results[2].relpath
assert "Trailing whitespace" in results[3].message
assert results[3].level == "error"
assert "bad.c" in results[3].relpath
assert results[3].lineno == 1
assert "Trailing whitespace" in results[4].message
assert results[4].level == "error"
assert "bad.c" in results[4].relpath
assert results[4].lineno == 2
def test_lint_file_whitespace_fix(lint, paths, create_temp_file):
contents = """int main() { \n
return 0; \n
path = create_temp_file(contents, "bad.cpp")
lint([path], fix=True)
# Gives a different answer on Windows. Probably because of Windows CR
assert fixed == 3 or fixed == 2
if __name__ == "__main__":