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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import os
from mozboot import util as mb_util
from mozlint import result, pathutils
from mozpack import path as mozpath
import mozversioncontrol.repoupdate
from compare_locales.lint.linter import L10nLinter
from compare_locales.lint.util import l10n_base_reference_and_tests
from compare_locales import parser
from compare_locales.paths import TOMLParser, ProjectFiles
LOCALE = 'gecko-strings'
PULL_AFTER = timedelta(days=2)
def lint(paths, lintconfig, **lintargs):
l10n_base = mb_util.get_state_dir()
root = lintargs['root']
exclude = lintconfig.get('exclude')
extensions = lintconfig.get('extensions')
# Load l10n.toml configs
l10nconfigs = load_configs(lintconfig, root, l10n_base)
# Check include paths in l10n.yml if it's in our given paths
# Only the l10n.yml will show up here, but if the l10n.toml files
# change, we also get the l10n.yml as the toml files are listed as
# support files.
if lintconfig['path'] in paths:
results = validate_linter_includes(lintconfig, l10nconfigs, lintargs)
results = []
all_files = []
for p in paths:
fp = pathutils.FilterPath(p)
if fp.isdir:
for _, fileobj in fp.finder:
if fp.isfile:
# Filter again, our directories might have picked up files the
# explicitly excluded in the l10n.yml configuration.
# `browser/locales/en-US/firefox-l10n.js` is a good example.
all_files, _ = pathutils.filterpaths(
lintargs['root'], all_files, lintconfig['include'],
exclude=exclude, extensions=extensions
# These should be excluded in l10n.yml
skips = {p for p in all_files if not parser.hasParser(p)}
message="file format not supported in compare-locales"
for path in skips
all_files = [p for p in all_files if p not in skips]
files = ProjectFiles(LOCALE, l10nconfigs)
get_reference_and_tests = l10n_base_reference_and_tests(files)
linter = MozL10nLinter(lintconfig)
results += linter.lint(all_files, get_reference_and_tests)
return results
def gecko_strings_setup(**lint_args):
gs = mozpath.join(mb_util.get_state_dir(), LOCALE)
marker = mozpath.join(gs, '.hg', 'l10n_pull_marker')
last_pull = datetime.fromtimestamp(os.stat(marker).st_mtime)
skip_clone = < last_pull + PULL_AFTER
except OSError:
skip_clone = False
if skip_clone:
hg = mozversioncontrol.get_tool_path('hg')
with open(marker, 'w') as fh:
def load_configs(lintconfig, root, l10n_base):
'''Load l10n configuration files specified in the linter configuration.'''
configs = []
env = {
'l10n_base': l10n_base
for toml in lintconfig['l10n_configs']:
cfg = TOMLParser().parse(
mozpath.join(root, toml),
cfg.set_locales([LOCALE], deep=True)
return configs
def validate_linter_includes(lintconfig, l10nconfigs, lintargs):
'''Check l10n.yml config against l10n.toml configs.'''
reference_paths = set(
mozpath.relpath(p['reference'].prefix, lintargs['root'])
for project in l10nconfigs
for config in project.configs
for p in config.paths
# Just check for directories
reference_dirs = sorted(p for p in reference_paths if os.path.isdir(p))
missing_in_yml = [
refd for refd in reference_dirs if refd not in lintconfig['include']
# These might be subdirectories in the config, though
missing_in_yml = [
d for d in missing_in_yml
if not any(d.startswith(parent + '/') for parent in lintconfig['include'])
if missing_in_yml:
dirs = ', '.join(missing_in_yml)
return [result.from_config(
lintconfig, path=lintconfig['path'],
message='l10n.yml out of sync with l10n.toml, add: ' + dirs
return []
class MozL10nLinter(L10nLinter):
'''Subclass linter to generate the right result type.'''
def __init__(self, lintconfig):
super(MozL10nLinter, self).__init__()
self.lintconfig = lintconfig
def lint(self, files, get_reference_and_tests):
return [
result.from_config(self.lintconfig, **result_data)
for result_data in super(MozL10nLinter, self).lint(
files, get_reference_and_tests