Name Description Size
DynamicBlocklist.h 10367
DynamicBlocklistWriter.cpp 4225
ModuleEvaluator.cpp static 7972
ModuleEvaluator.h This class performs trustworthiness evaluation for incoming DLLs. 1386
ModuleVersionInfo.cpp Gets a string value from a version info block with the specified translation and field name. @param aBlock [in] The binary version resource block @param aTranslation [in] The translation ID as obtained in the version translation list. @param aFieldName [in] Null-terminated name of the desired field @param aResult [out] Receives the string value, if successful. @return true if successful. aResult is unchanged upon failure. 4203
ModuleVersionInfo.h 2057 955
UntrustedModulesData.cpp 14468
UntrustedModulesData.h This type holds module path data using one of two internal representations. It may be created from either a nsTHashtable or a Vector, and may be serialized from either representation into a common format over the wire. Deserialization always uses the Vector representation. 19313
UntrustedModulesProcessor.cpp static 34873
UntrustedModulesProcessor.h 6764
WinDllServices.cpp static 3983
WinDllServices.h 1722