Name Description Size
AppUpdater.sys.mjs `AbortablePromise`s automatically add themselves to this set on construction and remove themselves when they settle. 29508
BackgroundTask_backgroundupdate.sys.mjs Verify that pre-conditions to update this installation (both persistent and transient) are fulfilled, and if they are all fulfilled, pump the update loop. This means checking for, downloading, and potentially applying updates. @returns {any} - Returns AppUpdater status upon update loop exit. 19455
BackgroundUpdate.sys.mjs -*- js-indent-level: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- 35102
components.conf 1477
docs 611
metrics.yaml 13189 1502
nsIUpdateService.idl An interface that describes an object representing a patch file that can be downloaded and applied to a version of this application so that it can be updated. 30269
nsUpdateService.manifest 143
pings.yaml 1591
UpdateListener.sys.mjs 18025
UpdateLog.sys.mjs Update logging lives in its own module for several reasons. First, it avoids having some very similar logging code duplicated in several places. And second, we only want to open the update messages file once. Opening it multiple times from multiple files does not result in all those messages ending up in the same log file. Note that simply importing this module can cause the value of the `app.update.log.file` pref to change. This may seem a bit weird, but we are going to consider it to be acceptable because any other module that wants to interact with that pref really ought to be doing it by interacting with this module instead, making the pref more of an internal implementation detail. This option was chosen over doing this work more lazily (say, on a log message) because this initialization step has user-visible consequences (the log file moves) and we'd prefer that those happen close to startup so that the user doesn't observe it happening at a seemingly random time. 6677
UpdateService.sys.mjs 240751
UpdateServiceStub.sys.mjs -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 12732
UpdateTelemetry.sys.mjs Values for the UPDATE_CHECK_CODE_NOTIFY and UPDATE_CHECK_CODE_EXTERNAL Telemetry histograms. 23895