Name Description Size Find files duplicated in a given packaged directory, independently of its package format. 4550 4034
js-compare-ast.js This script compares the AST of two JavaScript files passed as arguments. The script exits with a 0 status code if both files parse properly and the ASTs of both files are identical modulo location differences. The script exits with status code 1 if any of these conditions don't hold. This script is used as part of packaging to verify minified JavaScript files are identical to their original files. 1011 Replace localized parts of a packaged directory with data from a langpack directory. 1941
linux 1 429 4383 9245 Helper to execute tools like xpcshell with the appropriate environment. launcher = ToolLauncher() launcher.tooldir = '/path/to/tools' launcher.launch(['xpcshell', '-e', 'foo.js']) 12407
precompile_cache.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 2593 Strip all files that can be stripped in the given directory. 763 774 15025
windows 1