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DownloadLastDir.jsm -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 6025
DownloadUtils.jsm This module provides the DownloadUtils object which contains useful methods for downloads such as displaying file sizes, transfer times, and download locations. List of methods: [string status, double newLast] getDownloadStatus(int aCurrBytes, [optional] int aMaxBytes, [optional] double aSpeed, [optional] double aLastSec) string progress getTransferTotal(int aCurrBytes, [optional] int aMaxBytes) [string timeLeft, double newLast] getTimeLeft(double aSeconds, [optional] double aLastSec) [string dateCompact, string dateComplete] getReadableDates(Date aDate, [optional] Date aNow) [string displayHost, string fullHost] getURIHost(string aURIString) [string convertedBytes, string units] convertByteUnits(int aBytes) [int time, string units, int subTime, string subUnits] convertTimeUnits(double aSecs) 19125
HelperAppDlg.jsm Determines if a given directory is able to be used to download to. @param aDirectory The directory to check. @return true if we can use the directory, false otherwise. 42732
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