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audio.ogg 14293
audio.wav 1422
chrome.ini 724
file_videocontrols_jsdisabled.html 109
head.js 1165
mochitest.ini 2006
popup_shared.js This script is used for menu and popup tests. Call startPopupTests to start the tests, passing an array of tests as an argument. Each test is an object with the following properties: testname - name of the test test - function to call to perform the test events - a list of events that are expected to be fired in sequence as a result of calling the 'test' function. This list should be an array of strings of the form "eventtype targetid" where 'eventtype' is the event type and 'targetid' is the id of target of the event. This function will be passed two arguments, the testname and the step argument. Alternatively, events may be a function which returns the array of events. This can be used when the events vary per platform. result - function to call after all the events have fired to check for additional results. May be null. This function will be passed two arguments, the testname and the step argument. steps - optional array of values. The test will be repeated for each step, passing each successive value within the array to the test and result functions autohide - if set, should be set to the id of a popup to hide after the test is complete. This is a convenience for some tests. condition - an optional function which, if it returns false, causes the test to be skipped. end - used for debugging. Set to true to stop the tests after running this one. 15296
seek_with_sound.ogg 299507
test_audiocontrols_dimensions.html Audio controls test 2093
test_bug1654500.html Clear disabled/readonly datetime inputs 1401
test_bug898940.html Test that an audio element that's already playing when controls are attached displays the controls 851
test_contextmenu_menugroup.xhtml 2929
test_contextmenu_nested.xhtml 5356
test_editor_currentURI.xhtml 1278
test_label_checkbox.xhtml Label Checkbox Tests 960
test_menubar.xhtml Menubar Popup Tests 796
test_mousecapture_area.html Mouse capture on area elements tests 4408
test_popupanchor.xhtml 18415
test_popupreflows.xhtml 3183
test_tree_column_reorder.xhtml 2668
test_ua_widget_sandbox.html UA Widget sandbox test 3770
test_ua_widget_unbind.html UA Widget unbind test 2134
test_videocontrols.html Video controls test 16715
test_videocontrols_audio.html Video controls with Audio file test 1642
test_videocontrols_audio_direction.html Video controls directionality test 1101
test_videocontrols_error.html Video controls test - Error 2263
test_videocontrols_focus.html Video controls test - Focus 4280
test_videocontrols_iframe_fullscreen.html Video controls test - iframe 1959
test_videocontrols_jsdisabled.html Video controls test 1860
test_videocontrols_keyhandler.html Video controls test - KeyHandler 4823
test_videocontrols_onclickplay.html Video controls test 2256
test_videocontrols_orientation.html Video controls test 2085
test_videocontrols_size.html Video controls test - Size 5906
test_videocontrols_standalone.html Video controls test 2927
test_videocontrols_video_direction.html Video controls directionality test 1101
test_videocontrols_video_noaudio.html Video controls test 1247
test_videocontrols_vtt.html Video controls test - VTT 3883
tree_shared.js globals getCustomTreeViewCellInfo 52503
video.ogg 285310
videocontrols_direction-1-ref.html 238
videocontrols_direction-1a.html 221
videocontrols_direction-1b.html 234
videocontrols_direction-1c.html 234
videocontrols_direction-1d.html 248
videocontrols_direction-1e.html 262
videocontrols_direction-2-ref.html 238
videocontrols_direction-2a.html 221
videocontrols_direction-2b.html 234
videocontrols_direction-2c.html 234
videocontrols_direction-2d.html 248
videocontrols_direction-2e.html 262
videocontrols_direction_test.js global tests 3012
videomask.css 333
window_label_checkbox.xhtml 1376
window_menubar.xhtml 30287
.eslintrc.js 113