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components.conf 598 665
nsIXULStore.idl The XUL store is used to store information related to a XUL document/application. Typically it is used to store the persisted state for the document, such as window location, toolbars that are open and nodes that are open and closed in a tree. The data is serialized to [profile directory]/xulstore.json 2824
XULStore.cpp 4378
XULStore.h This file declares the XULStore API for C++ via the mozilla::XULStore namespace and the mozilla::XULStoreIterator class. It also declares the mozilla::XULStore::GetService() function that the component manager uses to instantiate and retrieve the nsIXULStore singleton. 2003
XULStore.sys.mjs ---------- private members ---------- 8009