Name Description Size
ClientEnvironment.sys.mjs Create an object that provides general information about the client application. Components like Normandy RecipeRunner use this as part of the context for filter expressions, so avoid adding non-getter functions as attributes, as filter expressions cannot execute functions. Also note that, because filter expressions implicitly resolve promises, you can add getter functions that return promises for async data. 7753
components.conf 949
FilterExpressions.sys.mjs Return an array of the given object's own keys (specifically, its enumerable properties), or undefined if the argument isn't an object. @param {Object} obj @return {Array[String]|undefined} 3667
JsonSchemaValidator.sys.mjs This file implements a not-quite standard JSON schema validator. It differs from the spec in a few ways: - the spec doesn't allow custom types to be defined, but this validator defines "URL", "URLorEmpty", "origin" etc. - Strings are automatically converted to `URL` objects for the appropriate types. - It doesn't support "pattern" when matching strings. - The boolean type accepts (and casts) 0 and 1 as valid values. 18919 764
mozjexl.js eslint-disable 13638
Sampling.sys.mjs Map from the range [0, 1] to [0, 2^48]. @param {number} frac A float from 0.0 to 1.0. @return {string} A 48 bit number represented in hex, padded to 12 characters. 6351
SimpleServices.sys.mjs Dumping ground for simple services for which the isolation of a full global is overkill. Be careful about namespace pollution, and be mindful about importing lots of JSMs in global scope, since this file will almost certainly be loaded from enough callsites that any such imports will always end up getting eagerly loaded at startup. 4884
WindowsInstallsInfo.sys.mjs Retrieve install paths of this app, based on the values in the TaskBarIDs registry key. Installs from unarchived packages do not have a TaskBarID registry key and therefore won't appear in the result. @param {Number} [limit] Optional, maximum number of installation paths to count. Defaults to 1024. @param {Set} [exclude] Optional, an Set of paths to exclude from the count. @returns {Set} Set of install paths, lower cased. 2980
WindowsVersionInfo.sys.mjs Gets the service pack and build number on Windows platforms. @param opts {Object} keyword arguments @param opts.throwOnError {boolean} Optional, defaults to true. If set to false will return an object with keys set to null instead of throwing an error. If set to true, errors will be thrown instead. @throws If `throwOnError` is true and version information cannot be determined. @return {object} An object containing keys `servicePackMajor`, `servicePackMinor`, and `buildNumber`. If `throwOnError` is false, these values may be null. 3437