Name Description Size
js 909
OwnedRustBuffer.cpp 2814
OwnedRustBuffer.h 2558 # uniffi-js 1116
ScaffoldingCall.h 9975
ScaffoldingConverter.h 6926
UniFFICallbacks.cpp 4774
UniFFICallbacks.h UniFFI-generated scaffolding function to initialize a callback interface The Rust code expests us to pass it a ForeignCallback entrypoint for each callback interface. 2434
UniFFIFixtureScaffolding.cpp 83521
UniFFIGeneratedScaffolding.cpp 20090
UniFFIPointer.cpp 4112
UniFFIPointer.h returns the raw pointer `UniFFIPointer` holds This is safe because: - The pointer was allocated in Rust as a reference counted `Arc<T>` - Rust cloned the pointer without destructing it when passed into C++ - Eventually, when the destructor of `UniFFIPointer` runs, we return ownership to Rust, which then decrements the count and deallocates the memory the pointer points to. 2525
UniFFIPointerType.h UniFFIPointerType represents of UniFFI allocated pointers. Each UniFFIPointer will have a UniFFIPointerType, which will be a statically allocated type per object exposed by the UniFFI interface 1003
UniFFIRust.h mozilla_UniFFIRust_h 1480
UniFFIScaffolding.cpp 6251
UniFFIScaffolding.h mozilla_dom_UniFFI_h 2054