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BackgroundPageThumbs.sys.mjs Asynchronously captures a thumbnail of the given URL. The page is loaded anonymously, and plug-ins are disabled. @param url The URL to capture. @param options An optional object that configures the capture. Its properties are the following, and all are optional: @opt onDone A function that will be asynchronously called when the capture is complete or times out. It's called as onDone(url), where `url` is the captured URL. @opt timeout The capture will time out after this many milliseconds have elapsed after the capture has progressed to the head of the queue and started. Defaults to 30000 (30 seconds). @opt isImage If true, backgroundPageThumbsContent will attempt to render the url directly to canvas. Note that images will mostly get detected and rendered as such anyway, but this will ensure it. @opt targetWidth The target width when capturing an image. @opt backgroundColor The background colour when capturing an image. @opt dontStore If set to true, the image blob won't be stored to disk, an object will instead be passed as third argument to onDone: { data: an ArrayBuffer containing the data contentType: the data content-type originalUrl: the originally requested url currentUrl: the final url after redirects } @opt contentType can be set to an image contentType for the capture, defaults to PageThumbs.contentType. 25261
components.conf 614
content 298 868
nsIPageThumbsStorageService.idl A service which returns information about file paths where the screenshots for URLs are stored. These screenshots are used by the moz-page-thumb protocol 894
PageThumbs.sys.mjs Name of the directory in the profile that contains the thumbnails. 28255
PageThumbs.worker.js A worker dedicated for the I/O component of PageThumbs storage. 4167
PageThumbsStorageService.sys.mjs 1689
PageThumbUtils.sys.mjs Common thumbnailing routines used by various consumers, including PageThumbs and BackgroundPageThumbs. 14278