Name Description Size
CoveragePing.jsm 5684
EcosystemTelemetry.jsm This module sends the Telemetry Ecosystem pings periodically: Note that ecosystem pings are only sent when the preference `toolkit.telemetry.ecosystemtelemetry.enabled` is set to `true` - eventually that will be the default, but you should check! Note also that these pings are currently only sent for users signed in to Firefox with a Firefox account. If you are using the non-production FxA stack, pings are not sent by default. To force them, you should set: - toolkit.telemetry.ecosystemtelemetry.allowForNonProductionFxA: true If you are trying to debug this, you might also find the following preferences useful: - toolkit.telemetry.log.level: "Trace" - toolkit.telemetry.log.dump: true 13266
EventPing.jsm This module sends Telemetry Events periodically: 7509
HealthPing.jsm This module collects data on send failures and other critical issues with Telemetry submissions. 7902
ModulesPing.jsm Called when the 'telemetry_modules_ping' timer fires. 3858
PrioPing.jsm This module sends Origin Telemetry periodically: 4231
TelemetrySession.jsm -*- js-indent-level: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- 46632
UntrustedModulesPing.jsm This module periodically sends a Telemetry ping containing information about untrusted module loads on Windows. 2288
UpdatePing.jsm -*- js-indent-level: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- 5301