Name Description Size
CombinedStacks.cpp 8278
CombinedStacks.h This class is conceptually a list of ProcessedStack objects, but it represents them more efficiently by keeping a single global list of modules. 3106
ProcessedStack.cpp 5947
ProcessedStack.h 4059
TelemetryIOInterposeObserver.cpp Get size of hash table with file stats 5529
TelemetryIOInterposeObserver.h IOInterposeObserver recording statistics of main-thread I/O during execution, aimed at consumption by TelemetryImpl 3770
UntrustedModules.cpp aIgnored 8581
UntrustedModules.h This function returns a promise that asynchronously processes and gathers untrusted module data. The promise is either resolved with the JS object ping payload, or is rejected upon failure. @param aFlags [in] Combinations of the flags defined under nsITelemetry. (See "Flags for getUntrustedModuleLoadEvents" in nsITelemetry.idl) 1118
UntrustedModulesBackupService.cpp static 2857
UntrustedModulesBackupService.h 2093
UntrustedModulesDataSerializer.cpp Limits the length of a string by removing the middle of the string, replacing with ellipsis. e.g. LimitStringLength("hello world", 6) would result in "he...d" @param aStr [in,out] The string to transform @param aMaxFieldLength [in] The maximum length of the resulting string. 17627
UntrustedModulesDataSerializer.h Retrieves the JS object. @param aRet [out] This gets assigned to the newly created object. 2864