Name Description Size
components.conf 312
DAPTelemetry.cpp 8359
DAPTelemetry.h 542
DAPTelemetryBindings.h 369
DAPTelemetrySender.sys.mjs The purpose of this singleton is to handle sending of DAP telemetry data. The current DAP draft standard is available here: The specific purpose of this singleton is to make the necessary calls to fetch to do networking. 11399
DAPVisitCounter.sys.mjs 4789
metrics.yaml 1463
nsIDAPTelemetry.idl Split measurement into shares and create a report with encrypted shares. @param leaderHpkeConfig The leader share will be encrypted with this config. @param helperHpkeConfig Same for the helper. @param measurement The data which will be encoded and shared. @param task_id Identifies which task this measurement is for which influences both encoding and encryption. @param time_precision Determines the report timestamp. @return The raw bytes of a report, ready for sending. @note This can potentially run for a long time. Take care not to block the main thread for too long. 1853