Name Description Size
components.conf 737
EventInfo.h 1750
ipc 5
nsITelemetry.idl Histogram types: HISTOGRAM_EXPONENTIAL - buckets increase exponentially HISTOGRAM_LINEAR - buckets increase linearly HISTOGRAM_BOOLEAN - For storing 0/1 values HISTOGRAM_FLAG - For storing a single value; its count is always == 1. HISTOGRAM_COUNT - For storing counter values without bucketing. HISTOGRAM_CATEGORICAL - For storing enumerated values by label. 29562
ScalarInfo.h Base scalar information, common to both "static" and dynamic scalars. 3434
Stopwatch.cpp Note that these values will want to be read from the BackgroundHangAnnotator thread. Callers should take a lock on Timers::mBHRAnnotationTimers before calling this. 25986
Stopwatch.h 3516
Telemetry.cpp 65859
Telemetry.h This implements the Telemetry system. It allows recording into histograms as well some more specialized data points and gives access to the data. For documentation on how to add and use new Telemetry probes, see: For more general information on Telemetry see: *************************************************************************** 17933
TelemetryCommon.cpp from private window 6555
TelemetryCommon.h Reflect the individual entries of table into JS, usually by defining some property and value of obj. entryFunc is called for each entry. 6839
TelemetryEvent.cpp 48199
TelemetryEvent.h 2479
TelemetryHistogram.cpp 123392
TelemetryHistogram.h Accumulate a sample into the named histogram. Returns NS_OK on success. Returns NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if recording Telemetry is disabled. Returns NS_ERROR_FAILURE on other errors. 4745
TelemetryOrigin.cpp Firefox Origin Telemetry Docs: Origin Telemetry stores pairs of information (metric, origin) which boils down to "$metric happened on $origin". Prio can only encode up-to-2046-length bit vectors. The process of transforming these pairs of information into bit vectors is called "App Encoding". The bit vectors are then "Prio Encoded" into binary goop. The binary goop is then "Base64 Encoded" into strings. 20394
TelemetryOrigin.h 1471 178606
TelemetryScalar.cpp 143486
TelemetryScalar.h Append the list of registered stores to the given set. This includes dynamic stores. 5329
TelemetryUserInteraction.cpp 2832
TelemetryUserInteraction.h 654
UserInteractionInfo.h 1015