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SessionStoreData.h Need two arrays based on this struct. One is for elements with id one is for XPath. id: id or XPath type: type of this input element bool: value is boolean string: value is nsString file: value is "arrayVal" singleSelect: value is "singleSelect" multipleSelect: value is "arrayVal" There are four value types: strVal: nsString boolVal: boolean singleSelect: single select value arrayVal: nsString array 1854
SessionStoreFunctions.idl 754
SessionStoreFunctions.jsm The data will be stored in the arrays: "_formDataId, _formDataIdValue" for the elements with id. "_formDataXPath, _formDataXPathValue" for the elements with XPath. 12750
SessionStoreListener.cpp 26859
SessionStoreListener.h There are three situations we need entire session storage: 1. OnDocumentStart: PageLoad started 2. OnDocumentEnd: PageLoad completed 3. receive "browser:purge-sessionStorage" event Use SetFullStorageNeeded() to set correct "mStorageStatus" and reset the pending individual change. 6612
SessionStoreMessageUtils.h 2254
SessionStoreUtils.cpp static 47688
SessionStoreUtils.h @param aDocument: DOMDocument instance to obtain form data for. @param aGeneratedCount: the current number of XPath expressions in the returned object. 4061 812