Name Description Size
BrowserSessionStore.cpp static 9143
BrowserSessionStore.h 1709 1407
nsISessionStoreRestoreData.idl 1574
PSessionStore.ipdl The PSessionStore actor handles collection of session store data from content type documents. It can be used both in a content process and in the parent process. In particular it solves the problem of handling incremental updates to the session store, since we're collecting from potentially several content processes. 2121
RestoreTabContentObserver.cpp static 3657
RestoreTabContentObserver.h 1033
SessionStoreChangeListener.cpp static 11106
SessionStoreChangeListener.h 2862
SessionStoreChild.cpp static 8961
SessionStoreChild.h 2705
SessionStoreData.h Need two arrays based on this struct. One is for elements with id one is for XPath. id: id or XPath type: type of this input element bool: value is boolean string: value is nsString file: value is "arrayVal" singleSelect: value is "singleSelect" multipleSelect: value is "arrayVal" There are four value types: strVal: nsString boolVal: boolean singleSelect: single select value arrayVal: nsString array 1854
SessionStoreFormData.cpp static 4965
SessionStoreFormData.h 2377
SessionStoreFunctions.idl 965
SessionStoreFunctions.sys.mjs 1839
SessionStoreListener.cpp 14683
SessionStoreListener.h 3694
SessionStoreMessageUtils.h 4463
SessionStoreParent.cpp ANDROID 11352
SessionStoreParent.h Sends data to be stored and instructions to the session store to potentially collect data in the parent. 2961
SessionStoreRestoreData.cpp 6642
SessionStoreRestoreData.h 1963
SessionStoreScrollData.cpp static 3685
SessionStoreScrollData.h 2137
SessionStoreTypes.ipdlh 1222
SessionStoreUtils.cpp static 66862
SessionStoreUtils.h @param aDocument: DOMDocument instance to obtain form data for. @param aGeneratedCount: the current number of XPath expressions in the returned object. 7078