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test_reduceprecision.cpp Hello! Are you looking at this file because you got an error you don't understand? Perhaps something that looks like the following? toolkit/components/resistfingerprinting/tests/test_reduceprecision.cpp:15: Failure Expected: reduced1 Which is: 2064.83 To be equal to: reduced2 Which is: 2064.83 "Gosh," you might say, "They sure look equal to me. What the heck is going on here?" The answer lies beyond what you can see, in that which you cannot see. One must journey into the depths, the hidden, that which the world fights its hardest to conceal from us. Specifically: you need to look at more decimal places. Run the test with: MOZ_LOG="nsResistFingerprinting:5" And look for two successive lines similar to the below (the format will probably be different by the time you read this comment): V/nsResistFingerprinting Given: 2064.83384599999999, Reciprocal Rounding with 50000.00000000000000, Intermediate: 103241692.00000000000000, Got: 2064.83383999999978 V/nsResistFingerprinting Given: 2064.83383999999978, Reciprocal Rounding with 50000.00000000000000, Intermediate: 103241691.00000000000000, Got: 2064.83381999999983 Look at the last two values: Got: 2064.83383999999978 Got: 2064.83381999999983 They're supposed to be equal. They're not. But they both round to 2064.83. Good luck and godspeed. 22785
test_usercharping.cpp aUpdatePref = 6706