Name Description Size
Cargo.toml 348
components.conf 312
metrics.yaml 10051 1419
nsIProcessToolsService.idl Kill a process running on this system. Does not cause a crash report to be generated and sent. # Note `pid` is the unique-to-the-system process identifier, as obtained with attribute `pid` of this service. Under Un*ix, that's what you obtain with `getpid()`, etc. Under Windows, that's what you obtain with `GetCurrentProcessId()`, NOT the same thing as the process `HANDLE`. # Failure Under Windows, if two processes race to `kill()` a third process, or two threads race to `kill()` a process there is a (small) window during which this can cause a crash in the losing process. # Caveats Under Windows, process killing is asynchronous. Therefore, this function can return before process `pid` is actually dead. 1633
ProcessToolsService.cpp 1081
ProcessToolsService.h 390
ProcInfo.h Return the number of milliseconds of CPU time used since process start. @return NS_OK on success. 8771 6603
ProcInfo_bsd.cpp 3431
ProcInfo_common.cpp 2180
ProcInfo_linux.cpp 10889
ProcInfo_linux.h 934
ProcInfo_solaris.cpp 3864
ProcInfo_win.cpp 10026