Name Description Size
print.css The margin-block of the checkboxes/radiobuttons already provide the needed vertical spacing. 5376
print.html 18330
print.js 91681
printPageSetup.js 16084
printPageSetup.xhtml 11867
printPagination.css in-content/common.css variables 3327
printPreviewPagination.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 6220
printUtils.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 29045
simplifyMode.css This file defines specific rules for print preview when using simplify mode. Some of these rules (styling for title and author on the header element) already exist in aboutReader.css, however, we decoupled it from the original file so we don't need to load a bunch of extra queries that will not take effect when using the simplify page checkbox. 952
toggle-group.css A radiogroup styled to hide the radio buttons and present tab-like labels as buttons 2311