Name Description Size
.eslintrc.js 487
components.conf 3425
crypto-SDR.js encrypt Encrypts the specified string, using the SecretDecoderRing. Returns the encrypted string, or throws an exception if there was a problem. 9238
CSV.js A Class to parse CSV files 3478
FirefoxRelay.jsm Show confirmation tooltip @param browser @param messageId message ID from browser/ 18017
FirefoxRelayTelemetry.mjs 1788
InsecurePasswordUtils.jsm ownerGlobal doesn't exist in content privileged windows. 6729 259
LoginAutoComplete.jsm nsIAutoCompleteResult and nsILoginAutoCompleteSearch implementations for saved logins. 22734
LoginCSVImport.jsm Provides a class to import login-related data CSV files. 7667
LoginExport.jsm Module to support exporting logins to a .csv file. 2182
LoginFormFactory.jsm A factory to generate LoginForm objects that represent a set of login fields which aren't necessarily marked up with a <form> element. 5145
LoginHelper.jsm Contains functions shared by different Login Manager components. This JavaScript module exists in order to share code between the different XPCOM components that constitute the Login Manager, including implementations of nsILoginManager and nsILoginManagerStorage. 61659
LoginInfo.jsm @deprecated Use `origin` instead. 3223
LoginManager.jsm ---------- private members ---------- 19340
LoginManager.shared.mjs Code that we can share across Firefox Desktop, Firefox Android and Firefox iOS. 1396
LoginManagerAuthPrompter.jsm eslint-disable block-scoped-var, no-var 33168
LoginManagerChild.jsm Module doing most of the content process work for the password manager. 111731
LoginManagerContextMenu.jsm Password manager object for the browser contextual menu. 7438
LoginManagerParent.jsm A listener for notifications to tests. 49321
LoginManagerPrompter.jsm eslint-disable block-scoped-var, no-var 38588
LoginRecipes.jsm Create an instance of the object to manage recipes in the parent process. Consumers should wait until {@link initializationPromise} resolves before calling methods on the object. @constructor @param {String} [aOptions.defaults=null] the URI to load the recipes from. If it's null, nothing is loaded. 11835
LoginRelatedRealms.jsm @type RemoteSettingsClient @memberof LoginRelatedRealmsParent 3751
LoginStore.jsm Handles serialization of the data and persistence into a file. The file is stored in JSON format, without indentation, using UTF-8 encoding. With indentation applied, the file would look like this: { "logins": [ { "id": 2, "hostname": "", "httpRealm": null, "formSubmitURL": "", "usernameField": "username_field", "passwordField": "password_field", "encryptedUsername": "...", "encryptedPassword": "...", "guid": "...", "encType": 1, "timeCreated": 1262304000000, "timeLastUsed": 1262304000000, "timePasswordChanged": 1262476800000, "timesUsed": 1 }, { "id": 4, (...) } ], "nextId": 10, "version": 1 } 5493 2205
NewPasswordModel.jsm Machine learning model for identifying new password input elements using Fathom. 26375
nsILoginAutoCompleteSearch.idl Generate results for a login field autocomplete menu. NOTE: This interface is provided for use only by the FormFillController, which calls it directly. This isn't really ideal, it should probably be callback registered through the FFC. NOTE: This API is different than nsIAutoCompleteSearch. 1082
nsILoginInfo.idl An object containing information for a login stored by the password manager. 4386
nsILoginManager.idl Called when a search is complete and the results are ready. @param aLogins Logins found in the search. 12123
nsILoginManagerAuthPrompter.idl Initialize the prompter. Must be called before using other interfaces. @param aWindow The window in which the user is doing some login-related action that's resulting in a need to prompt them for something. The prompt will be associated with this window (or, if a notification bar is being used, topmost opener in some cases). aWindow can be null if there is no associated window, e.g. in a JSM or Sandbox. In this case there will be no checkbox to save the login since the window is needed to know if this is a private context. If this window is a content window, the corresponding window and browser elements will be calculated. If this window is a chrome window, the corresponding browser element needs to be set using setBrowser. 1623
nsILoginManagerCrypto.idl encrypt @param plainText The string to be encrypted. Encrypts the specified string, returning the ciphertext value. NOTE: The current implemention of this inferface simply uses NSS/PSM's "Secret Decoder Ring" service. It is not recommended for general purpose encryption/decryption. Can throw if the user cancels entry of their primary password. 2508
nsILoginManagerPrompter.idl Ask the user if they want to save a login (Yes, Never, Not Now) @param aBrowser The browser of the webpage request that triggered the prompt. @param aLogin The login to be saved. @param dismissed A boolean value indicating whether the save logins doorhanger should be dismissed automatically when shown. @param notifySaved A boolean value indicating whether the notification should indicate that a login has been saved @param autoFilledLoginGuid A string guid value for the login which was autofilled into the form @param possibleValues Contains values from anything that we think, but are not sure, might be a username or password. Has two properties, 'usernames' and 'passwords'. 3905
nsILoginManagerStorage.idl NOTE: This interface is intended to be implemented by modules providing storage mechanisms for the login manager. Other code should use the login manager's interfaces (nsILoginManager), and should not call storage modules directly. 9423
nsILoginMetaInfo.idl An object containing metainfo for a login stored by the login manager. Code using login manager can generally ignore this interface. When adding logins, default value will be created. When modifying logins, these properties will be unchanged unless a change is explicitly requested [by using modifyLogin() with a nsIPropertyBag]. When deleting a login or comparing logins, these properties are ignored. 1923
nsIPromptInstance.idl An object representing a prompt or doorhanger. 494
OSCrypto_win.jsm Convert an array containing only two bytes unsigned numbers to a string. @param {number[]} arr - the array that needs to be converted. @returns {string} the string representation of the array. 8324
PasswordGenerator.jsm This file is a port of a subset of Chromium's implementation from which is Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved. 8037
PasswordRulesManager.jsm Handles interactions between PasswordRulesParser and the "password-rules" Remote Settings collection @class PasswordRulesManagerParent @extends {JSWindowActorParent} 4532
PasswordRulesParser.jsm 18994
SignUpFormRuleset.jsm Machine learning model for identifying sign up scenario forms 20110
storage-geckoview.js nsILoginManagerStorage implementation for GeckoView 6946
storage-json.js nsILoginManagerStorage implementation for the JSON back-end. 26254