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mozIMozIntl.idl This is a set of APIs that are of general usefulness for user interface internationalization. They're all in various stages of the standardization process through ECMA402, so they are exposed to privileged content only but are written in the way to allow for easy migration to standard Intl object once the appropriate stage of the ECMA402 is achieved. The exact structure of the code is a little bit complex because of that: 1) The core is in SpiderMonkey together with other Intl APIs This allows us to write the code once, stick to the spec language of the proposal, reuse our ICU bindings in Spidermonkey and use the code to inform us on refining the spec proposal for the given API itself. 2) The MozIntlHelper API exposes the SpiderMonkey APIs This helper API allows attaching the new APIs on any regular object. 3) The MozIntl API provides the access to those APIs This API exposes the actual functionality and wraps around the MozIntlHelper lazily retrieving and setting the accessors. On top of that, the API also binds additional functionality like using current application locale by default, and fetching OS regional preferences for date time format. 3919
mozIMozIntlHelper.idl This is an internal helper for mozIMozIntl API. There should be virtually no reason for you to call this API except from mozIMozIntl implementation. This API helps accessing the SpiderMonkey Intl APIs, but it is mozIMozIntl that exposes the thin wrapper around them that binds the functionality to Gecko. 2595
mozIntl.sys.mjs RegExp used to parse variant subtags from a BCP47 language tag. For example: ca-valencia 21908
MozIntlHelper.cpp 3073
MozIntlHelper.h 529