Name Description Size
.eslintrc.js 2030
AutofillProfileAutoComplete.sys.mjs Form Autofill content process module. 15222
AutofillTelemetry.sys.mjs Building the extra keys object that is included in the Legacy Telemetry event `cc_form_v2` or `address_form` event and the Glean event `cc_form`, and `address_form`. It indicates the detected credit card or address fields and which method (autocomplete property, regular expression heuristics or fathom) identified them. @param {object} section Using section.fieldDetails to extract which fields were identified and how @param {string} undetected Default value when a field is not detected: 'undetected' (Glean) and 'false' in (Legacy) @param {string} autocomplete Value when a field is identified with autocomplete property: 'autocomplete' (Glean), 'true' (Legacy) @param {string} regexp Value when a field is identified with regex expression heuristics: 'regexp' (Glean), '0' (Legacy) @returns {object} Extra keys to include in the form event 18355
Constants.ios.mjs 3289
FormAutofill.ios.sys.mjs 618
FormAutofill.sys.mjs Determines if an autofill feature should be enabled based on the "available" and "supportedCountries" parameters. @param {string} available Available can be one of the following: "on", "detect", "off". "on" forces the particular Form Autofill feature on, while "detect" utilizes the supported countries to see if the feature should be available. @param {string[]} supportedCountries @returns {boolean} `true` if autofill feature is supported in the current browser search region 9309
FormAutofillChild.ios.sys.mjs eslint-disable no-undef,mozilla/balanced-listeners 2698
FormAutofillChild.sys.mjs Handles content's interactions for the frame. 5037
FormAutofillContent.sys.mjs Form Autofill content process module. 12901
FormAutofillNative.cpp 51465
FormAutofillNative.h 807
FormAutofillParent.sys.mjs Implements a service used to access storage and communicate with content. A "fields" array is used to communicate with FormAutofillContent. Each item represents a single input field in the content page as well as its @autocomplete properties. The schema is as below. Please refer to FormAutofillContent.js for more details. [ { section, addressType, contactType, fieldName, value, index }, { // ... } ] 20172
FormAutofillPreferences.sys.mjs Injects the form autofill section into about:preferences. 14292
FormAutofillStorageBase.sys.mjs 64157
FormAutofillSync.sys.mjs 10875
Helpers.ios.mjs eslint mozilla/use-isInstance: 0 5850 798
metrics.yaml 10736 1096
Overrides.ios.js 884
ProfileAutoCompleteResult.sys.mjs @returns {number} The number of results 14248