Name Description Size
FinalizationWitnessService.cpp An event meant to be dispatched to the main thread upon finalization of a FinalizationWitness, unless method |forget()| has been called. Held as private data by each instance of FinalizationWitness. Important note: we maintain the invariant that these private data slots are already addrefed. 6845
FinalizationWitnessService.h XPConnect initializer, for use in the main thread. 906 653
nsIFinalizationWitnessService.idl Create a new Finalization Witness. A finalization witness is an object whose sole role is to broadcast when it is garbage-collected. Once the witness is created, call method its method |forget()| to prevent the broadcast. @param aTopic The topic that the witness will broadcast using Services.obs. @param aString The string that the witness will broadcast. @return An object with a single method |forget()|. 1242