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head = "../head.js ../head_remote.js ../head_service_worker.js head_webidl_api.js"
firefox-appdir = "browser"
tags = "webextensions webextensions-webidl-api"
# NOTE: these tests seems to be timing out because it takes too much time to
# run all tests and then fully exiting the test.
skip-if = ["os == 'android' && verify"]
prefs = [
"extensions.backgroundServiceWorker.enabled=true", # Enable support for the extension background service worker.
# Enable Extensions API WebIDL bindings for extension windows.
# Enable ExtensionMockAPI WebIDL bindings used for unit tests
# related to the API request forwarding and not tied to a particular
# extension API.
# Make sure that loading the default settings for url-classifier-skip-urls
# doesn't interfere with running our tests while IDB operations are in
# flight by overriding the remote settings server URL to
# ensure that the IDB database isn't created in the first place.
skip-if = ["os == 'android' && processor == 'x86_64' && debug"] # Bug 1716308