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ExtensionStorageComponents.sys.mjs An XPCOM service for the WebExtension `storage.sync` API. The service manages a storage area for storing and syncing extension data. The service configures its storage area with the database path, and hands out references to the configured area via `getInterface`. It also registers a shutdown blocker to automatically tear down the area. ## What's the difference between `storage/internal/storage-sync-area;1` and `storage/sync;1`? `components.conf` has two classes: `;1` and `;1`. The `storage/internal/sync-area;1` class is implemented in Rust, and can be instantiated using `createInstance` and `Components.Constructor`. It's not a singleton, so creating a new instance will create a new `storage.sync` area, with its own database connection. It's useful for testing, but not meant to be used outside of this module. The `storage/sync;1` class is implemented in this file. It's a singleton, ensuring there's only one `storage.sync` area, with one database connection. The service implements `nsIInterfaceRequestor`, so callers can access the storage interface like this: let storageSyncArea = Cc[";1"] .getService(Ci.nsIInterfaceRequestor) .getInterface(Ci.mozIExtensionStorageArea); ...And the Sync interface like this: let extensionStorageEngine = Cc[";1"] .getService(Ci.nsIInterfaceRequestor) .getInterface(Ci.mozIBridgedSyncEngine); @class 4062 1032
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