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"namespace": "clipboard",
"description": "Offers the ability to write to the clipboard. Reading is not supported because the clipboard can already be read through the standard web platform APIs.",
"permissions": ["clipboardWrite"],
"functions": [
"name": "setImageData",
"type": "function",
"description": "Copy an image to the clipboard. The image is re-encoded before it is written to the clipboard. If the image is invalid, the clipboard is not modified.",
"async": true,
"parameters": [
"type": "object",
"isInstanceOf": "ArrayBuffer",
"additionalProperties": true,
"name": "imageData",
"description": "The image data to be copied."
"type": "string",
"name": "imageType",
"enum": ["jpeg", "png"],
"description": "The type of imageData."