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CrashManager.jsm How long to wait after application startup before crash event files are automatically aggregated. We defer aggregation for performance reasons, as we don't want too many services competing for I/O immediately after startup. 42977
CrashManagerTest.jsm This file provides common and shared functionality to facilitate testing of the Crashes component (CrashManager.jsm). 5301
CrashService.jsm Run the minidump-analyzer with the given options unless we're already shutting down or the main process has been instructed to shut down in the case a content process crashes. Minidump analysis can take a while so we don't want to block shutdown waiting for it. 8089
docs 2 857
nsICrashService.idl Records the occurrence of a crash. @param processType One of the PROCESS_TYPE constants defined below. @param crashType One of the CRASH_TYPE constants defined below. @param id Crash ID. Likely a UUID. @return A promise that resolves after the crash has been stored 1353
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