Name Description Size
ClearDataService.sys.mjs Test if host, OriginAttributes or principal belong to a baseDomain. Also considers partitioned storage by inspecting OriginAttributes partitionKey. @param options @param {string} [] - Optional host to compare to base domain. @param {object} [options.originAttributes] - Optional origin attributes to inspect for aBaseDomain. If omitted, partitionKey will not be matched. @param {nsIPrincipal} [options.principal] - Optional principal to compare to base domain. @param {string} aBaseDomain - Domain to check for. Must be a valid, non-empty baseDomain string. @returns {boolean} Whether the host, originAttributes or principal matches the base domain. 63293
components.conf 629 936
nsIClearDataService.idl nsIClearDataService Provides methods for cleaning data from a nsIPrincipal and/or from a time range. 13900
PrincipalsCollector.sys.mjs A helper module to collect all principals that have any of the following: * cookies * quota storage (indexedDB, localStorage) * service workers Note that in case of cookies, because these are not strictly associated with a full origin (including scheme), the https:// scheme will be used as a convention, so when the cookie hostname is the principal will have the origin Origin Attributes from cookies are copied to the principal. This class is not a singleton and needs to be instantiated using the constructor before usage. The class instance will cache the last list of principals. There is currently no `refresh` method, though you are free to add one. 6206
ServiceWorkerCleanUp.sys.mjs 2513
SiteDataTestUtils.sys.mjs This module assists with tasks around testing functionality that shows or clears site data. Please note that you will have to clean up changes made manually, for example using SiteDataTestUtils.clear(). 13060