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build 832
nsEmbedCID.h @file @brief List of, and documentation for, frozen Gecko embedding contracts. 1493
nsIPrintPreviewNavigation.idl The nsIPrintPreviewNavigation 1069
nsIWebBrowser.idl The nsIWebBrowser interface is implemented by web browser objects. Embedders use this interface during initialisation to associate the new web browser instance with the embedders chrome and to register any listeners. The interface may also be used at runtime to obtain the content DOM window and from that the rest of the DOM. 3030
nsIWebBrowserChrome.idl nsIWebBrowserChrome corresponds to the top-level, outermost window containing an embedded Gecko web browser. 5640
nsIWebBrowserPrint.idl nsIWebBrowserPrint corresponds to the main interface for printing an embedded Gecko web browser window/document 4766
nsWebBrowser.cpp static 35597
nsWebBrowser.h 5133
nsWebBrowserContentPolicy.cpp We're going to dereference shell, so make sure it isn't null 2169
nsWebBrowserContentPolicy.h f66bc334-1dd1-11b2-bab2-90e04fe15c19 986