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Bits.cpp 1020
Bits.h 393
Bits.sys.mjs This module is used to interact with the Windows BITS component (Background Intelligent Transfer Service). This functionality cannot be used unless on Windows. The reason for this file's existence is that the interfaces in nsIBits.idl are asynchronous, but are unable to use Promises because they are implemented in Rust, which does not yet support Promises. This file functions as a layer between the Rust and the JS that provides access to the functionality provided by nsIBits via Promises rather than callbacks. 24920
Cargo.toml 448
components.conf 604 635
nsIBits.idl An interface for interacting with Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service. This should only be used on Windows. It would be preferable for the functions in this interface to return Promises, but this interface is implemented in Rust, which does not yet have support for Promises. There is a JS wrapper around this class that should be preferred over using this interface directly, located in Bits.sys.mjs. Methods of this class that take a nsIBitsNewRequestCallback do not return or throw errors. All errors will be reported through the callback. The only things that should cause methods to directly throw errors are null arguments. 20217