Name Description Size
AutoCompleteSimpleSearch.jsm See nsIAutoCompleteSimpleSearch 1248
components.conf 842 939
nsAutoCompleteController.cpp 61998
nsAutoCompleteController.h SetValueOfInputTo() sets value of mInput to aValue and notifies the input of setting reason. 8065
nsAutoCompleteSimpleResult.cpp 7553
nsAutoCompleteSimpleResult.h 1805
nsIAutoCompleteController.idl Possible values for the searchStatus attribute 5903
nsIAutoCompleteInput.idl The result view that will be used to display results 5058
nsIAutoCompletePopup.idl The input object that the popup is currently bound to 2123
nsIAutoCompleteResult.idl Possible values for the searchResult attribute 2785
nsIAutoCompleteSearch.idl Search for a given string and notify a listener (either synchronously or asynchronously) of the result @param searchString - The string to search for @param searchParam - An extra parameter @param previousResult - A previous result to use for faster searching @param listener - A listener to notify when the search is complete @param options An optional set of additional search parameters that may be passed to the underlying implementation. 2496
nsIAutoCompleteSimpleResult.idl This class implements nsIAutoCompleteResult and provides simple methods for setting the value and result items. It can be used whenever some basic auto complete results are needed that can be pre-generated and filled into an array. 4292
nsIAutoCompleteSimpleSearch.idl Simple interface that allows the results of the next search to be overridden. 604
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