Name Description Size
alert.css 779
alert.js 12586
alert.xhtml 2523
AlertNotification.cpp 10310
AlertNotification.h mozilla_AlertNotification_h__ 2350
AlertNotificationIPCSerializer.h isNull 4844 354 992
nsAlertsService.cpp 10497
nsAlertsService.h nsAlertsService_h__ 849
nsAlertsUtils.cpp static 898
nsAlertsUtils.h Indicates whether an alert from |aPrincipal| should include the source string and action buttons. Returns false if |aPrincipal| is |nullptr|, or a system, expanded, or null principal. 907
nsIAlertsService.idl Called when the image finishes loading. @param aUserData An opaque parameter passed to |loadImage|. @param aRequest The image request. 13253
nsIWindowsAlertsService.idl If callbacks for the given Windows-specific tag string will be handled by this Firefox process, set the associated event. @param {AString} aWindowsTag the tag @return {Promise} @resolves {Object} Resolves with an Object, may contain the following optional properties if notification exists but wasn't registered with the WindowsAlertsService: `notificationData` {string} relaunch data, generally opaque to the Windows notification server DLL, for this relaunch. @rejects `nsresult` when there was an error retrieving the notification. 1892
nsXULAlerts.cpp static 13616
nsXULAlerts.h This class wraps observers for alerts and watches for the "alertfinished" event in order to release the reference on the nsIDOMWindow of the XUL alert. 2392