Name Description Size
AudioPlaybackChild.jsm 2032
AutoplayChild.jsm 440
AutoplayParent.jsm 742
BrowserElementChild.jsm 1288
BrowserElementParent.jsm The BrowserElementParent is for performing actions on one or more subframes of a <xul:browser> from the browser element binding. 13876
ControllersChild.jsm 1236
DateTimePickerChild.jsm DateTimePickerChild is the communication channel between the input box (content) for date/time input types and its picker (chrome). 6421
DateTimePickerParent.jsm DateTimePickerParent receives message from content side (input box) and is reposible for opening, closing and updating the picker. Similarly, DateTimePickerParent listens for picker's events and notifies the content side (input box) about them. 4153
ExtFindChild.jsm 1268
FindBarChild.jsm Check whether this key event will start the findbar in the parent, in which case we should pass any further key events to the parent to avoid them being lost. @param aEvent the key event to check. 3136
FinderChild.jsm 3937
InlineSpellCheckerChild.jsm -*- mode: js; indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 1235
InlineSpellCheckerParent.jsm -*- mode: js; indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 955
KeyPressEventModelCheckerChild.jsm -*- mode: js; indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 4225 1435
PictureInPictureChild.jsm -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 31598
PopupBlockingChild.jsm -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 4834
PrintingChild.jsm 17266
PurgeSessionHistoryChild.jsm 1343
SelectChild.jsm 13485
SelectionSourceChild.jsm -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 8367
SelectParent.jsm `populate` takes the `menulist` element and a list of `items` and generates a popup list of options. If `customStylingEnabled` is set to `true`, the function will also style the select and its popup trying to prevent the text and background to end up in the same color. All `ua*` variables represent the color values for the default colors for their respective form elements used by the user agent. The `select*` variables represent the color values defined for the particular <select> element. The `customoptionstyling` attribute controls the application of `-moz-appearance` on the elements and is disabled if the element is defining its own background-color. @param {Element} menulist @param {Array<Element>} items @param {Array<Object>} uniqueItemStyles @param {Number} selectedIndex @param {Number} zoom @param {Object} uaStyle @param {Object} selectStyle FIXME(emilio): injecting a stylesheet is a somewhat inefficient way to do this, can we use more style attributes? FIXME(emilio, bug 1530709): At the very least we should use CSSOM to avoid trusting the IPC message too much. 23522
TestChild.jsm 1506
TestParent.jsm 1164
ThumbnailsChild.jsm Remote thumbnail request handler for PageThumbs thumbnails. 2569
UAWidgetsChild.jsm 6195
UnselectedTabHoverChild.jsm 839
WebChannelChild.jsm -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 4560
WebNavigationChild.jsm -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 5181
ZoomChild.jsm Retrieves specified zoom property value from markupViewer and refreshes cache if needed. @param valueName Either 'fullZoom' or 'textZoom'. @returns Returns true if cached value was actually refreshed. @private 2275
ZoomParent.jsm 1283