Name Description Size
ccsdp.h Return codes for sdp helper APIs 5129
ccsdp_rtcp_fb.h a=rtcp-fb enumerations 1773
cpr_darwin_types.h @typedef boolean Define boolean as an unsigned byte @note There are differences within TNP header files @li curses.h: bool => char @li types.h: boolean_t => enum @li dki_lock.h: bool_t => int 1621
cpr_linux_types.h @typedef boolean Define boolean as an unsigned byte @note There are differences within TNP header files @li curses.h: bool => char @li types.h: boolean_t => enum @li dki_lock.h: bool_t => int 1807
cpr_string.c From cpr_stdlib.h 6424
cpr_string.h sstrncpy @brief The CPR wrapper for strncpy This is Cisco's *safe* version of strncpy. The string will always be NUL terminated (which is not ANSI compliant). @param[in] dst - The destination string @param[in] src - The source @param[in] max - maximum length in octets to concatenate @return Pointer to the @b end of the string @note Modified to be explicitly safe for all inputs. Also return the number of characters copied excluding the NUL terminator vs. the original string s1. This simplifies code where sstrncat functions follow. 3088
cpr_strings.h 506
cpr_types.h CPR Return Codes 2204
cpr_win_types.h Define POSIX types [u]int[8,16,32,64]_t 1283 1248
sdp_access.c Pulled in from ccsip_sdp.h 74964
sdp_attr.c Macro for sdp_build_attr_fmtp Adds name-value pair where value is char* 192814
sdp_attr_access.c Attribute access routines are all defined by the following parameters. sdp_p The SDP handle returned by sdp_init_description. level The level the attribute is defined. Can be either SDP_SESSION_LEVEL or 0-n specifying a media line level. inst_num The instance number of the attribute. Multiple instances of a particular attribute may exist at each level and so the inst_num determines the particular attribute at that level that should be accessed. Note that this is the instance number of the specified type of attribute, not the overall attribute number at the level. Also note that the instance number is 1-based. For example: v=0 o=mhandley 2890844526 2890842807 IN IP4 s=SDP Seminar c=IN IP4 t=0 0 m=audio 1234 RTP/AVP 0 101 102 a=foo 1 a=foo 2 a=bar 1 # This is instance 1 of attribute bar. a=foo 3 # This is instance 3 of attribute foo. cap_num Almost all of the attributes may be defined as X-cpar parameters (with the exception of X-sqn, X-cap, and X-cpar). If the cap_num is set to zero, then the attribute is not an X-cpar parameter attribute. If the cap_num is any other value, it specifies the capability number that the X-cpar attribute is specified for. 266145
sdp_base64.c Local definitions for Base64 to Raw table entries. 11491
sdp_base64.h base64_result_t Enumeration of the result codes for Base64 conversion. 1277
sdp_config.c Function: void *sdp_init_config() Description: Initialize SDP configuration structure with the following defaults: All debug levels turned OFF. All token lines required per RFC2327. No media types supported. No network types supported. No address types supported. No transport types supported. Parameters: None. Returns: A handle for the configuration as a void ptr. 8863
sdp_log.h This is a mirror of CSFLog. The implementations of SDPLog, SDPLogV, and SDPLogTestLevel must be provided by the user. 2141
sdp_main.c Note: These *must* be in the same order as the enum types. 48620
sdp_os_defs.h Use operating system malloc 617
sdp_private.h Function Prototypes 20752
sdp_services_unix.c / /* Required Platform Routines 1775
sdp_services_win32.c / /* Required Platform Routines 1769
sdp_token.c v= line is not required. 61423
sdp_utils.c Allocate resource for new media stream. 20772
sipcc_sdp.h SDP Defines 78690