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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
This Python script automates creating milestones and test runs in TestRail and updating
test cases based on the results of automated smoke tests for different product releases.
Functionality includes:
- Reading TestRail credentials and environment variables.
- Building milestone names and descriptions.
- Interacting with the TestRail API to create milestones, test runs, and update test cases.
- Sending notifications to a specified Slack channel.
import os
import sys
from lib.testrail_api import TestRail
from lib.testrail_utils import (
from slack_notifier import (
# Constants
SUCCESS_CHANNEL_ID = "C02KDDS9QM9" # mobile-testeng
ERROR_CHANNEL_ID = "G016BC5FUHJ" # mobile-alerts-sandbox
def main():
# Load TestRail credentials
credentials = load_testrail_credentials(".testrail_credentials.json")
testrail = TestRail(
credentials["host"], credentials["username"], credentials["password"]
# Read task environment variables
shipping_product = os.environ["SHIPPING_PRODUCT"]
testrail_product_type = os.environ["TESTRAIL_PRODUCT_TYPE"]
testrail_project_id = os.environ["TESTRAIL_PROJECT_ID"]
testrail_test_suite_id = os.environ["TESTRAIL_TEST_SUITE_ID"]
except KeyError as e:
raise ValueError(f"ERROR: Missing Environment Variable: {e}")
# Release information
release_version = get_release_version()
release_type = get_release_type(release_version)
# Build milestone information
milestone_name = build_milestone_name(
testrail_product_type, release_type, release_version
milestone_description = build_milestone_description(milestone_name)
# Configure Taskcluster API
options = get_taskcluster_options()
# Check if milestone exists
if testrail.does_milestone_exist(testrail_project_id, milestone_name):
print(f"Milestone for {milestone_name} already exists. Exiting script...")
# Create milestone and test runs
devices = ["Google Pixel 3(Android11)", "Google Pixel 2(Android11)"]
milestone = testrail.create_milestone(
testrail_project_id, milestone_name, milestone_description
for device in devices:
test_run = testrail.create_test_run(
testrail_project_id, milestone["id"], device, testrail_test_suite_id
testrail.update_test_run_tests(test_run["id"], 1) # 1 = Passed
# Send success notification
success_values = {
"RELEASE_TYPE": release_type,
"RELEASE_VERSION": release_version,
"SHIPPING_PRODUCT": shipping_product,
"TESTRAIL_PROJECT_ID": testrail_project_id,
"TESTRAIL_PRODUCT_TYPE": testrail_product_type,
send_success_notification(success_values, SUCCESS_CHANNEL_ID, options)
except Exception as error_message:
send_error_notification(str(error_message), ERROR_CHANNEL_ID, options)
if __name__ == "__main__":