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set -x -e -v
# This script runs the windows CI scripts for standalone WebRender. The CI
# scripts build WebRender in various "standalone" (without Gecko)
# configurations and also run WebRender's reftest suite using the `wrench`
# tool in the WebRender repository.
# The builds involved require a number of dependencies to be available,
# which is all handled below.
export PATH=$PATH:$(cd $MOZ_FETCHES_DIR && pwd)/rustc/bin
. taskcluster/scripts/misc/
# Move the wrench-deps vendored crates into place
mv ${MOZ_FETCHES_DIR}/wrench-deps/{vendor,.cargo} gfx/wr
cd gfx/wr
# This is needed for the WebRender standalone reftests
powershell.exe 'iex (Get-Content -Raw ci-scripts\set-screenresolution.ps1); Set-ScreenResolution 1920 1080'
# Run the CI scripts
export CARGOFLAGS='--verbose --frozen'
cmd.exe /c 'ci-scripts\windows-tests.cmd'
. $GECKO_PATH/taskcluster/scripts/misc/