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set -x -e -v
# This script is for fetching and repacking the Android emulator (for
# Linux), the tools required to produce Android packages.
mkdir -p $UPLOAD_DIR
# Populate /builds/worker/.mozbuild/android-emulator-linux.
./mach python python/mozboot/mozboot/ --emulator-only --no-interactive --list-packages
# Bug 1868944: override emulator to a known working version
cd /builds/worker/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux
rm -rf emulator
unzip /tmp/
# Bug 1880925: override platform-tools to a known working version
cd /builds/worker/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux
rm -rf platform-tools
unzip /tmp/
# Remove extra files we don't need
rm -rfv /builds/worker/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux/tools
mkdir /builds/worker/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux/system-images
mkdir /builds/worker/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux/platforms
find /builds/worker/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux/emulator/qemu -type f -not -name "*x86*" -print -delete
tar cavf $UPLOAD_DIR/android-emulator-linux.tar.zst -C /builds/worker/.mozbuild android-sdk-linux bundletool.jar
ls -al $UPLOAD_DIR